Sunday, November 19, 2017

Long time no write

Hi again,

It's been a good couple months since I've written on my blog for various reasons. This semester has been an interesting one in terms of life and school. At times I lost sight of who I was trying to find who I am, if that makes sense. Over the past couples months I honestly think I have found "me". In a general sense what I honestly like and what aspects of my life bring me the most joy. Also which aspects I need to hone in on and grow, one of those items being this blog. As of today I'm making a pact with myself to focus on what matters most and what needs work to balance out my life and therefore live a happier one. After all it's all about the bigger picture. So be sure to cheer me on as I take on this self growth/preservation challenge.

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

This years "IT" shoe and why you should but it

Every year there is that one shoe that has just been popping up everywhere. This year that shoe is the mule. The mule is sort of a slip on sandal with a heel and a wide band at the front. Fashion magazines from Elle to Glamour have been talking about this shoe. Fashion gurus like Gigi Hadid and Selena Gomez have been rocking this style all year. So I'm here to tell you everything you need to know about mules and why you should invest. There are three types of mules, the block heel, flats, and stilettos. The block heel can come in many different heel heights from 1 inch to 4. 
block heel mule
These are great to wear with day to night outfits especially with the one or two inch heel because it's a heel but it's not so high it will get uncomfortable as the day goes on. 
1 inch mule
The next style is the flat. People have been wearing these like crazy all summer. Many places like Lulus and Asos have them for reasonable prices. The flat mule can come in styles where the front looks like a bow,
flat mule bow
or its just a simple wide piece of cloth, and there is also the pointed toe.
flat mule pointed tow

The last style is the stiletto. I personally don' think I could rock the mule stiletto but i've seen many a person that could. The mule stiletto is just like the block heel but with a stiletto heel.
mule stiletto
I have yet to brave such a heel but if the shoe fits...wear it. All of the shoes in the pictures above are from the Nordstrom website. Some options are from the sale but not all. Now why should you invest in a pair of mules you may ask? Well there are many answere's to this question. The first answer is simplicity. This shoe is simple yet chic. It goes with everything and is easy to slip on and slip off. You could easily go to class in a flat mule or a 1 inch heel if you so desire. They match everything from an outfit with jeans and a simple tee, to a fancy dress. It all depends on the style of mule you buy. I'm the kinda person who dresses per occasion so if I'm going shopping I like to wear an outfit that won't annoy me to take on and off trying on many outfits from various stores. The flat mule is perfect for shopping. You can easily slip it on and off no hassle while trying on various shoes to your hearts desire, and if it's like my heart, that's a lot of shoes. My last reason you should invest in a mule is cute factor. What girl doesn't need a slip on shoe like this in their closet, answer none, every girl needs an shoe like this. Whether you're a working girl or a college girl or just a girl, this shoe is extremely versatile and will most likely be your go to if you make it work. Now I have yet to invest in a mule but I am definitely on the lookout for the perfect pair.

Happy Shopping!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

5 hacks for hassle free packing

Trust me when I say this...I am an extreme over-packer. Anywhere I go whether for a weekend or a week I will pack an extraordinary amount of clothes. So writing this listicle not only helps me with my packing problem but helps my audience as well. When packing for a trip trying to figure out how to get all of my clothes into one bag is one of my biggest problems. These 5 hacks on packing will not only help you achieve the goal of putting all said items in one bag but will also make it much less of a hassle.
Tip #1
When packing soaps and shampoos my worst fear is them spilling on my bag and ruining all of my clothes. By purchasing this pack of small sealable containers you don't have to worry about lugging around large things of shampoo. I got this particular pack from Target for around $4. This set would be perfect for a weekend trip where you won't need as much shampoo or soap as you would on a longer trip. It also comes in a plastic bag that is sealable to avoid spills just in case.
Tip #2
If you happen to be packing for a week long trip or more the above containers probably won't be enough to last. This plastic bag is an alternative for longer trips. I got a set that includes the bag pictured below and two others that are smaller in size. It's perfect for soaps and other easy leak items because it zips and is plastic so nothing will leak and ruin other items in your bag. I got this set from TJMaxx and they usually have many types of travel packs like this for reasonable prices.
Tip #3
This tip is essential for traveling with jewelry. I personally feel victimized by necklaces when carrying them anywhere but on my neck. This pill case makes traveling with jewelry much easier and more efficient. With this case you are able to separate all your jewelry from necklaces, to small earrings in separate compartments so nothing gets tangled. I got this one from Target for less than $3.
Tip #4
This next tip is very useful when packing shoes and clothes in the same bag. I personally don't like it when the bottoms of my dirty shoes touch my freshly washed tops. By putting plastic shower caps over shoes you can cover the shoe and protect your clothes at the same time. I got a pack of 30 plastic shower caps from target for less than $3.
Tip #5
This final tip is key for someone like me who has a problem with over packing. By rolling my clothes it makes them more compact and I am able to get more in a smaller amount of space. By using this tip you also avoid a large amount of wrinkles that you would get if you were to fold your clothes in a tight space.
That's it for my 5 packing hacks. I hope these help you travel more and stress less.
Happy traveling!

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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Personal Picks & Key tricks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. The most coveted fall season sale there is for shopaholics like myself. Being honest I did not know about this sale until this past month, but that didn't stop me from signing up for a Nordstrom card and shopping the early sale to my hearts desire. So here are my favorite picks(or at least those that have arrived in the mail so far) and key tricks to shopping the sale.
Top Picks From the Sale
To start of this haul blog I am going to share all the tops I got. 5 of the items I got have not arrived in the mail yet but I will have pictures from the Nordstrom site below for you to see. Also there are links to each of the items on Nordstorm's site.
B.P lightweight rib stick cardigan
This first item is a simple black cardigan. I got it as one of my basics. It pretty soft and is longer length almost to the knee depending on your height. It's just a simple classic cardigan I think every girl should have in her closet for those rough days you just need something to toss on.
black long cardigan
Price: $31.90
Would by another scale 1-10: 7
Dreamers by Debut rib knit open cardigan
This cardigan is my favorite purchase from the haul. The material is super soft so essentially it's like wearing a blanket but a fashionable blanket. I got this one in white but it's sold in two different colors. This was also just a basic cardigan to buy and throw on different outfits for those chilly fall days and nights.
dreamers cardigan
Price: $35.90
Would buy another scale 1-10: 10
B.P Plaid Cotton Blend Shirt
This shirt is a fall staple. It gives of the flannel look but is much thinner and lighter for cooler fall days. It's very open and has an oversized fit which would make it cute with leggings or jeans. It's also a pretty easy go-to in terms of quick morning picks.
plaid shirt
Price: $31.90
Would but another scale 1-10: 8
Topshop Lattice Back Sweater
This sweater is bold and bright and would definitely add color to any closet. It's medium weight in terms of thickness but very comfy. It has an oversized fit and bell sleeves to add some flare.
yellow sweater
Price: $42.90
Would buy another scale 1-10: 10
Catherine Catherine Malandrino Fit & Flare Coat
I am very excited about this coat because of how versatile it is. It's a wool blend coat which is perfect for winter especially walking to class in the cold. It comes in two colors but I got black so it will match more outfits. It had a tie waist band and is somewhat long so it will look good with dresses as well.
Catherine Catherine Malandrino Fit & Flare Coat

Price: $129.90
Would buy again scale 1-10: undecided (have not tried it on yet)
Soprano Stripe Cotton & Linen Off the shoulder top
This top is very cute and colorful. It's a cotton linen blend so i'm gonna take my bet and say it's pretty soft. It's off the shoulder which is a style that had definitely taken over this past year. I got it in honey mustard yellow but it comes in two other colors. This would pair nicely with skinny jeans black or blue and some booties.
Soprano Stripe cotton & linen off the shoulder top
Price: $22.90
Would buy again scale 1-10: (undecided have not tried it on yet)
Lush Raw Edge Side Slit Tee
This top is essentially your most basic tee, and I was in desperate need of some. It's a V neck tee with a pocket and it has slits on either side which make it good for tucked in looks without the struggle of bunching around the hips. I got this tee in 3 colors white, black, and grey, but it comes in 5 different colors. This tee is going to be essentially for fall and layering with different cardigans and jackets.
Price: $15.90
Would buy again scale 1-10: 10(in the rest of the colors)
Steve Madden Gabbie Thigh High Boot
So quick back story. Last fall and winter I spent months looking for this shoe or shoes like this shoe, thigh highs in general and when I saw this as part of the anniversary sale I had to have it. This is just your classic thigh high boot in black. It has somewhat of a pointed toe but the material for the shaft is really stretchy and stays up well while walking. I highly recommend this boot I love it.
thigh high boot
Price: $86.90
Would buy again scale 1-10: 9
Hinge Barris Block Heel Bootie 
Everyone needs booties. Booties to me are a fall essential to pair with cardigans and jeans for outfit wins. These are a simple black pair made of suede material. They have brown wooden color bottom and heel to add some detail. They're pretty comfortable but I haven't worn them out walking long distance yet so we shall see. They come in 3 different colors black, dark brown, and light brown. If you need a staple basic bootie for your closet I recommend this one right here.
black heel bottie 
Price: $79.90
Would but again scale 1-10: 10 (in every color)
Blando Riyan Waterproof Sneaker
Yes you read that correctly WATERPROOF. My worst fear is wearing cute shoes, it starts raining, and my shoes get ruined for life. I always spray water repellent on my shoes when I purchase them to ensure maximum safety and protection, but these cute slip ons came pre-prepared. I have been looking for a nice sleek looking slip on shoe that could be dressed up or down and I found it. The Blando slip on shoe comes in 5 or 6 different colors but I personally got it in 2 different colors. It's a comfortable shoe for walking and I can guarantee it will be my go-to for walking to class.
Blando slip on sneaker
blando slip on sneaker
Price: $64.90
Would buy again scale 1-10: 10(in all the colors)
B.P Multi Stripe Scarf
This is a simple scarf it's thin and lightweight so good for layering. It's mainly a blush pink color which is a staple color this fall. It will look really cute with tees or sweaters.
Price: $15.90
Would buy again scale 1-10: 10
5 Pack Mixed Metal Chokers
I just got on the choker trend train so when I saw these 5 in a pack I thought why not. These are metal chokers in gold and silver colored. I think they'll make great add-ons to any outfit if you want something more subtle to a statement necklace.
5 choker set
Price: $22.90
Would buy again scale 1-10: 10
Tips and Tricks
A lot of the items featured above are sold out right now but that doesn't mean they won't restock. So here are 3 tips and tricks to beating the sale and coming out a winner.
1. Even if you can't add something to your cart you can always add it to your wish list. This makes it easier when items come back in stock for you to add it to your cart quickly and hit purchase before it sells out again.
2. When searching the sale filter as much as possible. Shop by size, type, color, shape, all of the above. By doing this you cut time down scrolling and it makes shopping faster and checkout faster so nothing sells out before you can get to it.
3. Never give up! It took 2 weeks before I could purchase the Side slit tee in white because it kept selling out so fast in my size. Despite the hardships I continued on and kept watch on the item until it was back in stock, and as soon as it was restocked it was in my cart and purchased. So moral of the story, if you want it don't let it go.
Happy Shopping! 
YFF(your favorite fashionista)

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

To new beginnings!

      1. an act or circumstance of entering upon an action or state:
A beginning, that's essentially what this blog is. A beginning. The beginning of discovering myself, the beginning of stepping outside my comfort zone. A whole new beginning. If you're like me you love beginnings. For example the start of a new school year, all the new supplies, fresh pencils, fresh notebooks, the idea that this is the year you'll study harder, be healthier, be...better. A better you. One reason I started this blog: to be a better me. Not even a better me in particular but to find "me" And finding me involves writing, especially about the things I love aka shopping. I can't remember a time where I didn't love clothes and I didn't love shopping for them. In questionnaires where it asks "Favorite pastime activity?" I answer shopping. My passions include shopping and styling which is why I plan to incorporate them into my future, with this blog, my major, and my aspirations. So welcome to my new beginning, I hope you stay for the ride.

YFF(your favorite fahsionista)

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